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Slingshot Rentals Destin- Why SLingshot Rentals in Destin

There are a variety of ways to cruise around Destin, Miramar Beach or 30a. You can cruise 98 in the family mini-van, you can rent a car, you can also rent a golf cart (although they are limited) or you can rent the coolest ride on the panhandle.

30a SLingshots and Destin Slingshots are a cool way to cruise around Destin / 30a / Miramar Beach. These open air vehicles are zippy, fun, sporty, and eye catching. Not only are these slingshot rentals a blast to drive, we offer our Slingshot Rentals with new removable roofs. These slingshot rentals have a roof where it can be taken off or left on. What's nice is these roofs on these slingshot rentals keep the sun off your face making the slingshot rental about 10 degrees cooler. In addition, if you are caught in the rain, it helps keep the rain off.

30a SLingshots and Destin Slingshots also offers a super cool NEON LIGHT ADD ON PACKAGE. Check out our website at Visit the SLingshot Rental page at the bottom to see videos.

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